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Stacey Donovan Biography Photo Stacey Donovan Biography
Born: 10/9/1964
Aliases: Stacy Donavan, Stacey Donavan, Stacey Donovon, Ashley Britton, Stacy Donovan, Tracy Donovan, Camilla, Cal Culver, Kelly Howell, Kelly Howe, Ashly Britton

Country of Origin: United States United States CA - California Encino
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 175 cm - 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight: 52 kg - 114 lbs
Measurements: 34B-22-34

Stacey Donovan was the quintessential classic porn star with small, but nice boobs, slender body, long blonde hair and a hot ass. The 5'9" Stacey made upwards of $1,000 a day during the video era of porn from 1983 thru 1989 by fucking on camera in cameo roles in many of the most popular adult films of the time. The irony of Stacey is that many adult photographers told her not to do porn, that she was too pretty for porn and it would destroy her. Stacey stayed in porn for the big bucks and ultimately paid a heavy price as the adult industry banned her when she became an informant for the Meese Commission. Before entering porn, Stacey was a model and featured in Swatch television commercials.

Stacey Donovan is a proto typical Southern California beach blonde whose innocent good looks and knack for caring, sensual sex made her a top star during the mid 1980's. With her cute-as-a-button face, small-breasted hard body and ripe little backside, Stacey Donovan was a sex dream come to life during her stint in the industry. She sexed up over 100 films under various names before leaving the business in 1988.

Stacey Donovan was a captivating sexual performer who preferred working with women on-screen. Just check out her achingly beautiful lesbian tryst with Cody Nicole in Alex De Renzy's 'Dirty Girls' to see one of the greatest girl/girl performances ever caught on tape. That's not to say that Stacey Donovan didn't exude sexual energy no matter who she was paired with, though. Stacey Donovan wasn't one to leave any sexual stone unturned, and did it all over the course of her career. She had a bit of a reputation as a cold fish to work with, but there's little evidence of that on-screen.

When she left the erotic scene, Stacey Donovan outraged many in the business by turning state's evidence in their anti-pornography crusade. That doesn't take away from the indisputable fact that she was one of the most popular blonde starlets of her day, with a face and a body that burned their way into the memories of many a porn fan.

Luke's Bio:
A cover-girl for Eighteen magazine, the tall slim blonde was warned by several pornographers to avoid the industry. Stacey was told that she was too beautiful for porn. In pursuit of quick fame, fun and money, she ignored their advice to her later regret.

Donovan starred in 1986's Convenience Store Girls - Harold Lime's shafting of 7-11 stores for caving into the Meese Commission by no longer selling sex magazines such as Penthouse. Stacey owns the convenience store with her husband Peter North. Thought police Steve Drake and Randy West harass the store, censoring the ladies thoughts and making sure they don't sell dirty magazines. Stacy ends the flick by blowing the cops into submission.

Donovan ended her five year porn career in 1988 and disappeared after turning in evidence against the industry to the feds.

Jerry Butler says Stacy hated sex and cried all the way through the filming of Svetlana's Hawaiin tetrology. Other male performers such as Tom Byron say the same thing.

Donovan appeared on a Los Angeles TV station in the late '80s where she dumped on the industry while behind a screen so she wouldn't be recognized. "Never a genius, she probably didn't realize she shouldn't move too much because at one point in the interview she bent forward and was clearly visible." (Peter van Aarle on RAME)

Video X Interview:
She's been in quite a few films, one of the most hilarious and dirtiest being The Lust Detector. Her appearance in Hanky-Panky and Panty Raid are two of her first hardcore showings and are must-sees for her fans. She's fresh, firm and quite volcanic. Her very first sex video was in The Aerobisex Girls, and she was absolutely stunning.
Other films include: Baby Face 2, Bad Girls III, Cagney and Stacey, Caught By Surprise, Dial A Dick, Dirty Dreams, Dirty Girls, Dr. Penetration, Ecstasy Girls Two, Gentlemen Prefer Ginger, Girls of the Chorusline, Holiday For Angels, I know What Girls Like, Innocence Lost, Itís My Body, Loverís Lane, Make Me Want It, Moving In, Night of the Head Hunters, Passage to Ecstasy, The Pink Lagoon, Pleasure Maze, Sex Dreams on Maple Street, Showgirls, Surrender in Paradise, Switch Hitters, Taijaís Satin Seduction, Tailhouse Rock, Tasty, Thrill Street Blues, Too Good To Be True, The Ultimate O, Up and Away!, and The Woman in Pink.
Lately, Stacey has been keeping a low profile and semi-retired from porn, but we cornered her on the beach and posed her a few questions about pinnacle of her sex career and a few sexual anecdotes.
VX: How did a nice girl like you ever end up in porno?
STACEY DONOVAN: Good question. Thatís one Iíve been asking myself. But, you know, itís just the way things turned out. I did a little modelling. I didnít anything about taking my clothes off and posing nude, so I did some of that. Then I needed some money and one of the other models I met told me that I could make a lot of money doing sex videos. So I did this all girl tape a long time ago, and it was a lot of fun. That led to doing some boy-girl scenes. I went to Hawaii with Svetlana. All expenses were paid, and we got bunch of money. At the time it seems like a lot, but I later found out that I could earn a lot more because I started becoming popular.
VX: That came as a surprise to you?
STACEY: Yeah, sure. I didnít think that many people watched porno. Boy was I surprised!
VX: So you started becoming an in-demand girl, and increased your rate.
STACEY: Yeah, I started earning more than a thousand bucks a day, and that seemed like a lot. It is a lot. I mean, who gets over a grand a day for doing anything these days?
VX: How do you prepare for a role?
STACEY: I donít. I just show up at the set and do whatever they want me do.
VX: You are an awfully dynamic cocksucker.
STACEY: [Smiles:] Yeah, thatís fun. I like doing that.
VX: Do you have any oral sex secret?
STACEY: Not really. I think itís fun. I do a lot of stuff for the camera, you know. They seem to like it when I do stuff like take a dick in my mouth and slap it across my lips then suck on it.
VS: Can you have an orgasm sucking cock?
STACEY: I havenít yet, but I get excited.
VX: Have you ever had an orgasm during a shooting?
STACEY: Jeez, I canít remember/ I might have when I went to Hawaii with Svetlana. We did Hanky-Panky and Panty-Raid. I remember that some of that stuff was really great. I liked it a lot, and I think I got off once or twice, but I canít remember if it was during the shooting or not.
VX: You mean you fucked while the camera wasnít rolling?
STACEY: Back then I did. But I was young an innocent. I didnít know any better.
VX: So now itís all business?
STACEY: Well, for the movies it is, Iíve got a boyfriend, and youíve got to draw the line somewhere. So I donít fuck off the set.
VX: Does your boyfriend know youíre a famous porn star?
STACEY: No. I havenít told him.
VX: But doesnít he watch porno?
STACEY: Sometimes. We were at a party once, and some guys put on one of my movies. I left the room pretending to go get beer or something. And my boyfriend came to me, so that was a close one. But one of the guys said that there was this girl in the snow that looked a lot like me. I kind of joked and said maybe. I could make a lot of money as a porn star. They all laughed.
VX: What would you do if he ever found out?
STACEY: I donít know. Iíve never said I didnít do it, so I havenít lie or anything.
VX: Do you still enjoy doing porno?
STACEY: Not as much as I used to. Now, itís just a job and Iím really not interested in doing any more.
VX: What are you doing these days?
STACEY: Well, Iíve saved up a bunch and Iím just kind of kicking back, trying to figure out what to do. I live with my boyfriend, so I donít have a lot of worries right now. But Iím thinking about starting a business or something.
VX: Like what?
STACEY: Thatís the problem. I donít know yet. Iíd like to open up a beach wear shop.
VX: Back to your sex films. In The Lust Detector you looked like you were having a ball with your scene with Tom Byron and Marc Wallice.
STACEY: Actually that was shot at late night. I was really tired. I think I was happier to get out there. We shot that scene really fast, and, yeah, it was fun.
VX: Whoís been your favorite porn partner?
STACEY: I donít know. I really donít have a favorite, but I liked Jerry Butler.
VX: How about any guy you donít like?
STACEY: Not really. Iíve gotten along with just about anybody in a sex film.
VX: Whoís had the best tasting dick?
STACEY: Hmmm. I donít know, a dick really doesnít really have all that much taste. Herschel Savage actually had some taste to his dick. It was kind of spicy, like a sausage or something. A little salty.
VX: Whatís been your most memorable sexual experience in a porno?
STACEY: In Hawaii, fucking on the beach. Getting sand up my pussy while was the worst thing Iíve ever experienced.
VX: That was with Ken Starbuck, wasnít it?
STACEY: Oh yeah, and itís real embarrassing. I was recognized in a video store once or twice, and asked to sign an autograph. In a way, itís kind of exciting, seeing these guys get so exciting seeing these. Guys get so excited and blushing when they recognize me. But it doesnít happen all that much.
VX: Any future plans for videos?
STACEY: Not Really. Everything is on hold right now. Iím not saying no, and Iím not saying yes. If the right project comes along, I might go for it.

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